Green Wardrobe Tips for the Broke College Student

Updating your fall wardrobe for college can be done frugally while also using eco-friendly options.

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Guest Post — Sunscreen and Cancer Protection: Is Cheapest Best?

If you go to a pharmacy and peruse through the variety of sunscreens on the shelves, you may be surprised to find that the most effective ones are often the cheapest. Specialized creams tend to cater to particular customers who are either focused on how the product smells or feels on the skin with effectiveness being a secondary concern.

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Homemade Hair Conditioner

I have to admit after some of the homemade recommendations I’ve tried, I’m much more skeptical now than I was a few years ago. When Simple Mom shared how she uses baking soda instead of shampoo, I’ll admit I tried it and was not pleased at all with the results. You can imagine my surprise when the apple cider vinegar rinse recipe I found worked better than commercial hair conditioners!

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Top 10 Ways to Go Green and Save Green

(This is a guest post by Lisa Shoreland of Go College.) With the year at its close, it’s a good time to review the basics of going green. For those of us living in apartments, many of the eco-home improvement articles do us little to no good (not that the landlord wouldn’t appreciate solar panels and a compost pile by the dumpster, right?), and it’s not like we can afford to buy hybrid cars anytime soon. The following ways to go green are not only easy on the planet, they’re easy on your tired-of-paying-off-debt eyes, too.

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Green Your Apartment 2.0

I’m so happy to be relaunching Green Your Apartment with a stronger focus and better vision of how I can contribute to the community (AKA you!) with green tips and advice for apartment dwellers.

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A Year Ago at Green Your Apartment

2008 Fourth “Tips for Green Living” Carnival The fourth Tips for Green Living blog carnival.

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15th Carnival for Green Living

Welcome to the fifteenth edition of Tips for Green Living! We have so many good submissions, so let’s get started!. dining & entertaining Sam over at Best Cheap Weddings shares some ways to save cash and the planet with the post Best Cheap Green Weddings. Romance and Memories on a Green Budget. I am all for the “recycled” estate diamond ring! (Remember [...]

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A Year Ago at Green Your Apartment

2008 Back to Basics: Recycle The final post in a series of three on the basic principles of green living.

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A Year Ago at Green Your Apartment

2008 Call to Action Will you help save the earth with only one hour of your time? Back to Basics: Reduce The first in a series of three posts on the basic principles of green living. Back to Basics: Reuse The second in a series of three posts focusing on the basic principles of green living.

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What are Parabens, Exactly?

Labeled as one of the new culprit for many a-modern defect is a group of preservatives called parabens. You may have seen the Breast Cancer Fund site’s rundown of them or just saw a lotion bottle on the shelf at the store proudly and boldly proclaiming the product “Paraben-free”. So what are parabens, exactly? Parabens are antibacterial and antifungal agents [...]

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