Welcome to the third “Tips for Green Living” carnival on this happy St. Patrick’s Day! Green for green! I’m amazed at how many wonderful submissions there were this time around.

Let’s start with something currently near and dear to my heart – and my baby’s bum! Autumn Beck presents How To Make A Fitted Cloth Diaper posted at All About Cloth Diapers. We also have some great tips from N. & J. on the The Making of Homemade Soap Making posted at Bad Human! Don’t take chemicals from strangers!. Speaking of chemicals, how about we neutralize the commercial products and focus on Natural Cleaning Products You Can Make At Home posted at The Art of Balanced Living, brought to us by Lovelyn. But if you’re not up to the task, Anne-Marie posts about Getting down to the nitty gritty with green cleaning products posted at A Mama’s Rant.

And after all that cleaning? Join Jamie McIntosh in Brightening Your Home with Flowers posted at Suite101: Organic Gardens blog.

Now on to my favorite subject: food! Looks like we have another veggie in town! Jean Mosher presents Kelly’s New Vegetarian Cooking Blog « Always in Motion posted at Always in Motion. Over at Natural Family Living Blog, Tiffany Washko urges us that Now Is the Time to Pick a CSA. Theodore Pappas rings in with Eating Locally: Or, the Day of the Locavores posted at Britannica Blog. Since we’ve covered the actual food, what about food storage? Scott Blackburn presents Is your Refrigerator Hiding 10 Pounds of Greenhouse Gas? posted at WattHackers | Save Power | Go Solar | Live Green.

As a nod to my British and Asian pals, Alison discusses the repercussions of improper tea brewing in her post Green Me Tea at Green Me. And what discussion of food would be complete without discussing Why Learn How To Compost? posted at How To Compost courtesy of Jim. Thanks peeps!

Let’s take a minute to educate ourselves with some interesting green news. This time around, Jackson Kern presents us with two very educational posts: Can Sustainable Development Be Clean AND cheap? A Promising “Carbon Credits” Case Study and Sustainable Development: The Role of Coal, both posted at Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Causes: The Alternative Channel Blog. Excellent, Jackson! Unfortunately, the US business in the dark on climate change and not learning from these articles as we are reports Leon Gettler at Sox First. So let’s change that! Thankfully, Sagar Satapathy recommends GreenDev: 50 Environmentally Friendly Apps, Hosts and Resources for business owners posted at Virtual Hosting. Even Fiona Lohrenz piped in on Recycling at your day care posted at Child Care Only – if the customer cares, the business will follow suit. In fact, that’s the whole idea behind Matty Byloos’ Petition Signing Campaign: Get Plastic Bags Removed From Grocery Stores | GreenEggsandPlanet posted at Green Eggs and Planet.

While we’re on the subject of business, Jacob is busy bragging that My commute is awesome posted at Early Retirement Extreme. Indeed, it is Jacob! Mine’s better – 5 seconds from bed to office. I love being a writer!

And last, though certainly not least, Liz Smith presents Eco-egos posted at Practical Living Blog as a reminder that going green is about doing what you can, not focusing on everyone else’s “green sins”.


That’s it for this edition of “Tips for Green Living”. Thank you all for your great submissions and I hope you found some useful info in this carnival. You can find a new edition posted every second and fourth Monday here at Green Your Apartment. If you are interested in participating in our next edition set for March 24th, submit your post HERE.

PLEASE NOTE: I am currently waiting to find out if labor will be induced nearly a month early due to pregnancy complications. Monday’s carnival will be posted as planned, but any further posts will be held off until my maternity situation is either stabilized or induced. Thank you for your patience and well-wishes and I promise there will be updates on our situation as we have them.

I look forward to seeing what else you have to offer for next week’s carnival!