First, I’d like to thank you all who offered your well wishes for the birth of my first daughter, Miriam Rose. I’m dedicating this carnival – even more important since tomorrow is Earth Day 2008 – to her, the reason that I want my legacy on this planet to be a gentler, more sustainable one.

Second, I’d like to note that tomorrow is indeed Earth Day. In that spirit, I would like you to note the Green Log Home & Lifestyle awards banner to the left. Please support our green-minded brethren by casting your vote for the best green blog! The more we can all talk about how to live more sustainably, the quicker people will integrate it into their lives.

Now, finally, let the carnival madness begin! Since I was on maternity leave, we have a build-up of fabulous posts to read! In fact, Katy tells us about How I feel about going green posted at Strive To Be Green. Ishtar talks about remembering what’s important in the post Trivialities or tranquility over at Esther Garvi.
And Betsy Teutsch gives us her Earth Day Goal: Inconspicuous Consumption at Money Changes Things.

Quick and Easy!
Let’s go for the one-two punch. For all you Newbies, nickel presents The Lazy Cheapskate’s Guide to Saving the Planet posted at – great little list you have there. Cathy Chang explains how to Reduce Your Energy Costs over at Gagazine: I’m telling you, saving money and energy is the way to my heart people! Along the same lines, Alexander advises us to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint at Green Thinking Blog.
But we can’t forget the good stuff – H20. Gerald presents Testing watering systems posted at Precious Water.

onesmallhome presents Don’t throw away those junk! posted at onesmallhome. And Zork Brauk presents UFO Recession Tip 55 – Collect Aluminum Cans for Cash posted at It’s the Recession, Stupid!. Seriously, that is a cute site Zork Brauk!

Jason Isbell presents New High Efficiency Front Loading Washer and Dryer | Tired Garden posted at Tired Garden. Can I sing the praises of high efficiency cleaning enough? I think not.

In the Kitchen
Betsy gives us a peek into the rich and famous lifestyle with her post Trashing Luxury Kitchens Benefits the World: the Wonders of Wealth posted at Money Changes Things. Thank God someone is recycling all that! And Zork is back reminding us to Be green: Go Vegetarian posted at It’s the Recession, Stupid!.

It’s spring and who doesn’t want to have a lovely veggie garden on their patio/balcony? Dave Truman tells us how to Avoid Weeds In Your Vegetable Garden posted at Growing Vegetables. Our good friend Phil over at Phil for Humanity urges us to Stop Watering Your Lawn. Phil, my dear, we’re apartment-dwellers – we don’t have lawns! I will, however, let my landlord know that I’d appreciate they go with your landscaping approach.
Dave Truman presents How The Size Of Vegetable Seeds Affects Planting posted at Growing Vegetables – this is the kind of stuff I need to learn! And nichole halsey says You put the lime in the coconut and grow a little seed posted at Bad Human! Don’t take chemicals from strangers!. Welcome, nichole!

For the Little Ones
Autumn Beck presents How to Make a Pocket Cloth Diaper posted at All About Cloth Diapers for those of you who lean to the left on the diaper debate. Julie wants us to include the rugrats on Earth Day in her post Earth Day and Kids posted at M4K Parenting & Family Life.

Out n’ About
Looking for a new vehicle? Fuel Efficient Driver gives us the low-down on E85 Ethanol Vehicles at Getting Better Gas Mileage. Going abroad? Well, Kimberly gives us the Ultimate Guide to Thrift Store Shopping: 34 Tips and Tricks for Travelers posted at Go Green Travel Green as well as 20 Steps to Sustainable Study Abroad. Good job, Kimberly!

Special Occasions
If you’re Orthodox, then Easter is just around the corner! Louise Manning presents Packaging on Easter Eggs posted at The Human Imprint.

Alternative Energy
Jackson Kern shows us that perhaps The Sun Goes Around the World posted at Sustainable Development and Humanitarian Causes: The Alternative Channel Blog. He also gives us a great Video Exclusive! 30 Million Trees and a Nobel Peace Prize: One Woman’s Story.


That’s it for this edition of “Tips for Green Living”. Thank you all for your great submissions and I hope you found some useful info in this carnival. You can find a new edition posted every second and fourth Monday here at Green Your Apartment. If you are interested in participating in our next edition set for May 12th, submit your post HERE.