So we’re here again – 3 am and I’m still writing away. With a little one around, seems that’s the only time I have to myself these days. Let’s get right to it!

Rosemary Rugnetta gives us 3 Easy Ways To Make Your Home Green This Weekend posted at Her Home Blog – though that first one may not be applicable to all you apartment-dwellers. Next up, Christopher Johnson presents Going Green, Saving Green posted at Don’t forget to mention these money and energy saving ideas to your landlords, folks!

Autumn Beck presents Fabric Softener on Cloth Diapers *gasp* posted at All About Cloth Diapers Blog. Though I couldn’t rough the full-on cloth diaper, I did go the GDiaper route. Yea for green bums! In other news, have you heard about the BPA scare? Well, NtJS has and talks about it in Now BPA Free! posted at not the jet set. Jennifer tells us about being Blinded by the White (Zinc Oxide): Cheap and Safe Ways to Protect Your Kids from the Sun posted at Queercents. It’s important to teach our little ones how to live green from the get-go as Kevin says in his post Tips For Helping Our Kids Grow Up Green at M4K Parenting & Family Life.

Suzanne advises us to use Home Made & Eco Friendly Cleaning Solutions over at

Kathy Hester (aka GeekyPoet) tells us to Grow your own lettuce over at Geek, Poet, Housewife Wannabe. I’m definitely checking this option out! And Laura Williams presents Plantin’ Season around the Ol’ Homestead posted at Laura Williams’ Musings – hopefully I can implement some of this stuff into the potted garden I’m planning for our patio.

J.F. presents R-Rated Fruits And Vegetables: Your Guide To Buying Organic Produce posted at vegoftheweek.

Kevin Fleming showcases Mercedes Unveiling of the SUV BlueTEC Hybrid, the Ride of the Future posted at The Green Motorist. Traveling this month? Well, Kimberly tells us about Sustainable Dining Guide: 25 Days to Green Travel, Day 15 at Go Green Travel Green and Penny Nickel gives us 15 tips for a frugal, relaxing, earth-friendly vacation that’s car-free! posted at Money and Values. And in case you meet someone special on your travels, Zork Brauk offers Zork Green Tip 10 – Top 10 Green Date Tips over at It’s the Planet, Didiot!.

Fuel Efficient Driver is back with some Tips On Saving Gas And Money posted at I Want Better Gas Mileage.
And praveen, also another return poster, presents Alternative to Throwing Your Cell Phone in A Landfill posted at Tao of Simplicity.

Don’t know how to go about picking your veggies? Then J.F. is swooping in to rescue you with R-Rated Fruits And Vegetables: Your Guide To Buying Organic Produce posted at vegoftheweek.

Shannon Bullard remembers tis the season of the great outdoors and gives advice in Planning your Eco-Friendly Picnic posted at Zeer Blog.

In a moving memorial, Hannah writes In Memory: Rachel Carson posted at The Purloined Letter. This was a lovely read, truly. And back to share some amazing experiences is with Trip to Mudumalai National Park: Day 2 over at


That’s it for this edition of “Tips for Green Living”. Thank you all for your excellent submissions and I hope you found some useful info in this carnival. You can find a new edition posted every second and fourth Monday here at Green Your Apartment except when the baby cries too loudly at our house. If you are interested in participating in our next edition set for May 26th, submit your post HERE.

Go green!


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