Many apologies to my fair readers: after an unexpected illness (aren’t they all?!) and the craziness of the holidays, things got out of hand. But I’m back, we’re here and the carnival is back on schedule!

for the greenhorns

Autumn Beck presents New to Cloth Diapers? Part 1 posted at All About Cloth Diapers. Such a great post, especially since there are so many options now!

Heaven forbid we be left out of the iPhone obsession: Gracie Turner presents 100 Best iPhone Apps for Students Going Green posted at Online

jerklogic presents a “Humorous article about littering and how it affects our environment and peace of mind” called Litterbugs, beware! posted at Jerklogic.

in the news

Mark Donovan presents Green Window Treatments Reduce Home Heating Bills posted at HomeAdditionPlus, saying, “Mark Donovan of discusses a new Green Window Treatement product that is Eco-Friendly, and that can reduce home heating bills by up to 35%.”

Let’s welcome back Katy Unitek with her post on Historic Energy Legislation posted at Boots On The Roof.

Angela Martin gives us 100 Exciting Lectures on All Things Green posted at Online, you know, if you can sneak it in between your holiday preparations!

living spaces

Ivan Gomez presents Raw Business Talk: COW! Simply Clean Beverly posted at Raw Business Talk, saying, “An excellent example of how you can wash your car with little to no water and absolutely no run off into the drainage systems.”

patio & garden

Here’s some money-saving (and green!) advice from The Backyard Grower on Saving Seed posted at Bobbie Whitehead.


That concludes this edition of Tips for Green Living. Thank you all for your excellent submissions and I hope you found some useful info in this carnival. You can find a new edition posted every second and fourth Monday here at Green Your Apartment. Submit your blog article to the next edition of Tips for Green Living using our carnival submission form.

Go green and live well!


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